Johnny Ethridge, CSP

Mr. Johnny Ethridge has been in a safety related field for 28 years. Johnny began his safety career as a Health Physic Specialist on the Uranium Mill Tailings Remediation Act (UMTRA). When that project was coming to an end, he started as a contractor at Sandia National Labs in Radiation Protection. Johnny continued in a Radiation Protection role and was eventually hired by Sandia directly. In 2004, he became an ES&H Coordinator at Sandia. Johnny continues learning new disciplines and covers many hazard types in his role at Sandia. Outside of the safety profession, he has a variety of skills with past experience in food preparation, restaurant management, security, manufacturing, and the construction industry.

Johnny holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiation Safety, minor in Chemistry, and Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Johnny is also a Certified Safety Professional, holds an ASSP Certificate of Safety Management, and is a Certified Lockheed Martin Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.